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themt is an abbreviation for "Thomas Hey'l Eisenbahn–Modell–Technik". "Eisenbahnmodelltechnik" is the german expression for "model railroad technology".

The main topics of this website cover the theoretical basics, concepts and modelling techniques for a small narrow gauge model railroad in 1:22.5 scale (G scale) (IIm gauge).

We also provide lots of information related to german original railways, mostly from the years of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn" (1920 through 1945, the so called "epoque II"). There are also many pages about aviation and street traffic. Several non-specific modelling hints are presented in an own section ("Modellbau").

We apologize for the fact that these pages are available only in German language (at least by now). The good news is: We started working on an English version in December, 2012, and given some luck, it might go live in summer or autumn 2013. If you assume you have found some content that might be specially useful for you, why don't you send the address of the page to a friend that speaks german and ask her or him for a translation?

In case you have a specific question, please feel free to send us e-mail in english language. Please be patient expecting the answer, it may take some days. We currently have to answer some hundred e-mails each month - while we still got to earn some money twinkle.

Try the following trick to explore our pages if you search for something particular. Translate the term(s) you are looking for and enter them in the search input field on top of most pages (with the "Suchen" button). Maybe you will see by the images or some other clues that the result is what you searched for.

This website has been designed with accessibility in mind.

We wish you a pleasant stay at "Eisenbahnmodelltechnik"!

Thomas Hey'l · Editor

"Model railroading is fun" (John Allen): we still believe in that.

This is a list with the translated main menu items.

  • Information: Information about the site, links, imprint, stats, etc.
  • Vorbild: Information about the real-world railroad, aviation and street traffic.
  • Modellbau: Modelling techniques in general.
  • Elektrik: Electric and electronic topics, schematics.
  • Downloads: Some useful files.
  • Modellbahn: Model railroading.
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